The Poetry of Kendrick Lamar


Fire burning inside my eyes
This the music that saved my life

Kendrick Lamar

The Poetry of Kendrick Lamar has been designed as a body map: each week we will pay attention to a part of the body in relation to Lamar’s work and some of the characteristics that underpin hiphop such as rhyme, sampling and socio-political critique.

October 5th: 10am-11.30am: Kendrick and The Head

October 12th: 10am-11.30am: Kendrick and The Hands

October 19th: 10am-11.30am: Kendrick and The Heart

October 26th: 7pm-8.30pm (this is to accommodate Dr Fischer’s timezone):  Kendrick and The Lungs with special guest, Dr Dawn-Elissa Fischer

November 2nd: 10am-11.30am: Kendrick and The Feet with special guest, DJ Stevie G

***You can also follow this course at your own pace. You will have full access to all materials and feedback. The self-guided videos are released one day after the live sessions***

The Poetry of Kendrick Lamar: Sample Session

10am-10.15am: Guided Meditation & Check-In

10.15am-10.30am: Short Writing Exercises

10.30am-11.15am: Close listening to two Kendrick songs with Group Work

11.15am-11.30am: Conversation & Check-Out


Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to write authentically, precisely and truthfully. If you sometimes feel misunderstood by others, this course will assist you to amplify your voice. Whether you are writing professionally or just starting out, this course will support you in your practice.

Do I need a prior knowledge of this genre?

Whether you are new to hip-hop or a life-long fan, you are welcome on this course. It may be of particular benefit to poets due to the many parallels, but it will be equally useful in exploring character, voice and confidence in longer forms such as prose and playwriting. The subject matter concerns the human condition. We will cover race, crime, love, family, joy, amongst other things.

Do I have to share my work with other participants?

We want to co-create a safe, productive and enriching space. You can chose to share your work at various sessions if you wish. We will also host an open mic at the end of the course which again is optional. 

Any other questions?

Drop us a mail:

Sarah Byrne


The Poetry of Kendrick Lamar is led by Well Review founder Sarah Byrne. Sarah worked in forensic mental health and mediation for nine years. She has worked as a professional writer and editor since 2014. A first-generation graduate, Sarah holds degrees from Trinity College Dublin, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. She is also a trained restorative justice mediator. In 2012/2013, Sarah worked at the Capital Appeals Project in New Orleans. Sarah is working on a number of community and personal projects. Her first full-length book, Scan is a memoir of the body in parts.

Guest Tutors

Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer
DJ Stevie G

The Poetry of Kendrick Lamar

Five-week creative writing class on the poetry of Kendrick Lamar. *Scholarships Available—Get in touch with us directly*