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Shorts is a new digital space for non-fiction writers and readers.

We are currently accepting subs until October 31st 2022 at midnight (spooky).

Here are the rules:

Word Count: 750 words only (excluding title—no messing)

Theme: The Body

The Body can carry a lot of baggage as a word. Don’t run for the hills. Stay with us. What might a Body Short look like?

-A day in the life of a life model

-Meditation and creativity

-Writing with chronic pain

-An evolving body in the context of transsexuality

-A close reading of your hands

-Labour, work, craft

-Stage fright

And so on…


All writers are paid €75.00 for their 750 word-SHORT which will be published on our website. All SHORTs will be anthologised in an annual coffee table book in 2024 and writers will receive further compensation if their work is included.

A necessary note…

We will not be developmental editing any work submitted. We will of course collaborate with you on any suggestions or copyediting but we cannot assist with refinement of theme, word-count or detailed structure.

In other words, you have complete artistic freedom.

Submit your work before midnight on October 31st 2022:

You can read Sarah’s Shorts here.


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