1:1 Trauma-Informed Writing Service

Night in Saint-Cloud (1893) by Edvard Munc

What is a trauma-informed writing service? 

A trauma-informed service works from the assumption that an individual is more likely than not to have experienced trauma. In the context of our new writing service, we recognise that trauma plays a pivotal role in self-expression, creative freedom and the practice of writing. We also understand the potential for re-traumatisation in artistic practice and have developed a range of creative and craft strategies to help writers feel safe and supported in their work.

How long are individual sessions?

All writing sessions are tailored to your needs. You can opt for 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Is this a form of therapy? 

This service is not a form of professional therapy. Its main purpose is to equip you with the necessary skillset so that you can write freely about all subjects. From previous one-to-one work, we know that this approach can provide mental and physical space, help generate material and support the completion of new work.

Do I need to be a professional writer? 

Not at all. We have worked with first-time writers and Pulitzer Prize winners. We do however only work with writers over the age of 18.

Can I book a consultation chat?

Absolutely. Just email us and we will schedule a call with you. You will find Sarah’s Zoom Office Link below:

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